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Everyone has little dreams that are tucked beneath our pillows every night. Of all the beauty that a person may have, having a perfect smile is one which is on the very top of that wish list. Every girl must have dreamt of having a smile akin to Julia Roberts or the one like Madhuri Dixit back home in India. A decade ago, it would have been the subject of plethora of jokes within the social circle. To comprehend the altering of the jawline was far-fetched to even the most optimistic of people. However, with the change in times, there has been a tectonic shift in the perception of people with respect to smile designing.

Today, Smile design not only comprises of a cosmetic surgery to alter your looks but meticulous planning that takes into account all your facial features and the shortcomings that may need addressing. Every curve, every feature of your teeth holds a significant sway over your face and smile. Smile designing today, is not just done for giving you a picture perfect smile but it can also reduce years from your face and make you look younger. It’s not for no reason that this treatment has caught on to become one of the most popular dental treatments today. The treatment consists of a myriad mechanism for achieving the desired result.


A smile makeover takes into account a plethora of conditions like your skin tone, hair color gum tissue, lip size along with the features of your teeth like length, color, width and shape display. Once these factors have been accounted for, a plan is chalked for getting you’re the perfect smile. Wondering why these seemingly petty things matter so much? Here’s why:

  • Tooth Complexion: The silver filling that done years ago may have been a necessity back in the day, but it holds you back from being a stumbling block in your quest to the dream smile. Apart from being replaced by natural, tooth colored composites, teeth whitening also play a vital role in highlighting your teeth, provided the whitening has been done while keeping in mind your skin tone to aid the suitability. If you’re lucky enough to be around skilled professionals, all the above things may be taken care of sans a hiccup.
  • Striking the perfect balance between Spacing and alignment is also crucial while constructing your smile. Crooked teeth or overlapping gaps taking space in between ehm can be fixed via straightening or they can be aligned by the advanced process like Orthodontics or Invisalign improved with veneers.
  • While a teeth amiss in the mouths of our grandparents adds to their old age and charm making them even more lovable, the same cannot be said of others. Not just appearance, the absence of a tooth in your mouth leaves the rest of teeth extremely vulnerable to rapid decay and handicap your bite. Hence, if present, this situation is of prime importance while undergoing Smile design. The ones that are amiss can be replaced by dental implants, bridges or partial dentures.
  • Uneven teeth, chipped or cracked, these can be very easily fixed by cometicall bonding for an improved appearance while the protruding gums that have been an embarrassment since childhood can be re-contoured making your appearance markedly better.
  • Fuller lips have been in vogue much before Angelina Jolie came into limelight and would continue to be so long after she is gone. Along with enhancing your cheeks, the well-qualified Orthodontists can help light up your face by enhancing your hidden features.

While all the above mentioned factors are indeed vital, Smile makeover consists much more than what’s mentioned above:

  • Tooth length is an underappreciated but a significant aspect of Smile makeover. Usually, long teeth lend a youthful appearance. However, the wear and tear of the growing years shorten the teeth thereby making it a challenge to make with what’s available. A smile makeover focuses on reshaping the front two pair and lengthening it via Composite bonding or Porcelain veneers. For the ones with gummy smiles, modifying the gum lines and lengthening of teeth using laser dentistry procedures. Apart from making a telling difference in your smile, long and shapely teeth can also have a slimming effect, especially on square faces.
  • A smile line is one of the most commonly used words among the dentists which is unfamiliar to the outer world. The imaginary line that follows your upper teeth from side to side, this has to be same as the cover of your lower lip when you smile. This point of reference is the vital clue to the Orthodontists while determining the length of your new teeth.
  • Your teeth proportion is the nest consideration. According to the most accepted standards, the front two teeth should be be in the proportion of four to five for a great smile.

While the complexities, from determining the teeth and their texture to the construction of other facial features are a part of a process that may appear tedious at times, it is nevertheless a vital part of the humongous consideration and thought that goes into a smile makeover. While the detractors always point to various reconstructions as intrusive, for the past decade, cosmetic dentists have been toiling relentlessly into developing these features with the sole aim to enhance the appearance of your biggest asset. While there may be fingers pointed at the amount of alteration one, the truth lies in acknowledging the fact that it just adds only fraction of beauty into your personality. Beauty, which you thoroughly deserve. Because, there would have been times when you were at the receiving end of the fun that was supposed to be funny. While we do try our best to add on a bit of something into your face, it’s not only our efforts but just your inner beauty that shines through that makes your smile not the best asset, but a killer one too. We just play a small role in making it happen.

Smile Design Treatment

A smile is an essential part of our appearance. It can make or mar our confidence. A perfect smile is desired by everyone as it leaves an everlasting impression on others. However, if people are not happy with the appearance of their smile, it can damage their self-esteem. But there is hope for all those people with a wide array of options in the form of Smile makeover. The smile makeover is a process which improves the appearance of a smile with the help of one or more than one procedures of cosmetic dentistry.

Reasons to get Smile Makeover:

Treatments for a smile makeover:-

Teeth whitening:

In this procedure, a chemical mixture with peroxide is applied to the teeth so as to remove slight staining or discolouration. With the whitening procedure, the smile will get brighter and give you a younger look along with healthy looking teeth.

Dental Braces:

There are many procedures which offer straightened teeth. Some of the options include Inman Aligners, traditional Ceramic bracket or Invisalign. The best option will be chosen as per desired results and condition of patient's teeth.

White filling:

The dental clinics use aesthetic as well as strong and durable filling material which looks as natural as natural teeth and last for a longer duration. The composite fillings are put inside the pits so as to achieve natural looking great results.


In bonding procedure, the dentist applies the acrylic material to the tooth. The acrylic material is used as it can be very well shaped as well as coloured according to natural looking teeth of patient’s teeth. It is used to repair broken and chipped tooth along with improving the shape of the tooth.

Enamel Shaping:

This procedure is done to remove a minimal amount of enamel from the tooth’s outer layer. It improves the look and shape of your teeth.


Veneers are a thin shell made of tooth colour material. The material mostly consists of porcelain which is tailor-made to be fixed at the front surface of teeth.

Crowns and Bridgework:

It is a procedure which covers seriously damaged teeth or simply replaces the missing teeth. These crowns and bridges have strength from the inner core so that they last longer as well as aesthetic looks of porcelain shell from outside to improve your smile and feel like real teeth.

Dental Implants:

Dental implants use titanium post and surgically implant them in patient’s jaw. It is an alternative to replacement of missing teeth. The procedure also uses artificial tooth and connect them with titanium post which restores the missing teeth above the gum.

Gum Contouring: 

It involves a minor surgery which alters the position of gum tissue and at times alters underlining bone too. The procedure improves look as well as regularity of gingival line present around teeth.

The Advantages of Smile Designing:-

  • A natural customized look
  • Increased confidence
  • Improves appearance
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Preserves the health as well as hygiene

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