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Teeth Whitening:-


One of the significant changes that we can notice in our teeth is that they tends to loose color over a period of time or are stained. There may be many factors which might be the cause of the staining of your teeth or the discoloration of them. Some of them are given below:-

  • Regular and excess drinking of items like coffee, wine or cola.
  • Eating items like tobacco or pan masala.
  • Poor drinking water.
  • Poor dental care or not brushing your teeth daily.
  • Ageing
  • Intrinsic causes like fluorosis, trauma in permanent tooth, genetic illness etc.

Certainly, one of the reasons mentioned here is the hindrance in your path of teeth whitening and is continuously leading to the discoloration of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Types

What to do?

The only solution to your teeth staining or teeth discoloration is the ooth whitening treatment. A dental professional can diagnose the same and we here at India Cosmetic Dental Clinic Dental Care has got the expertise and the technology to do that.

What is teeth whitening?

Certain kind of stains in their initial stages can be removed through proper brushing and meal habits. Avoiding certain type of drinks or their excess use can be beneficial too. But in case you feel your staining or discoloration has exceeded a certain level, then you should seek a professionals advice.

We here at India Cosmetic Dental Clinic has got the expertise and the technology to treat your teeth staining or their discoloration. Through Teeth Whitening treatment process, our expert dental care team can make your smile healthy again.

Teeth Whitening is a process in which the discoloration is treated by applying a bleaching agent to the tooth enamel. This agent is basically a whitening gel which is not harmful and is 100% safe for your enamel and teeth. After the application of gel, the bleaching agent starts its work in about 30 to 45 minutes and your teeth tends to get whiter in tone. Depending upon your level of satisfaction, you can undergo even a single or a number of follow up treatments to get your teeth whitened and say discoloration or staining bye-bye.

In case the bleaching does not get your tooth full whitened, which might be in the case when your tooth or teeth is damaged already. In such a situation, you can go for a dental treatment called veneer in which your front surface of the teeth is covered with thin ceramic shell and is protected from further damage giving you an ultimate happy, confident, bright and desirable smile.

These treatments are not too costly and are available at affordable rates at India Cosmetic Dental Clinic. Providing a wide number of expert and low costteeth whitening treatments at our multi-specialty dental clinic in Karol Bagh, Delhi (India). Our main motive of our work is the satisfaction of our patients. Nothing makes us happier than serving you with a happy and confident smile.

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