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Who does not want flawless shiny teeth that will make people go gaga over? Yes, each one of us desire of an extremely charming smile, right? Despite the advancement in different dental treatment methods all over the world, dental treatments yet remain costly at the majority of dental care centres.

Considering this, India Cosmetic Dental Clinic will provide you with some of the quality services when it comes to correcting dental issues. Since we intend to provide an utmost level of satisfaction to our customers, we leave no stone unturned in making it possible.

We provide a range of ceramic dental crowns which are made from purely ceramic and no other material is involved in it. Let us give you an insight of this product from us.

What are all ceramic Crowns?

The All ceramic dental crowns are made from purely ceramic and there is absolutely no interference of any other material in it. The All-ceramic crowns are made from a translucent type of material which perfectly blends with all of your teeth and looks quite impressive.

  • Benefits of All-Ceramic Crowns
  • • The All Ceramic Crowns will be most suitable for people who have a minimalist space in their mouth. These crowns can fit in perfectly without causing any irritation.

    • Natural appearance is the main highlight of All-Ceramic Crowns.

    • They are made from a thin material which in return results in a lighter crown.

    • The material used in All Ceramic Crowns is biocompatible; hence, it will not cause any damage to the human body whatsoever.

  • How Indian Dentist perform the procedure?
  • • At first, our dentists will clean and reshape your tooth which will be treated as a form of preparation. The tooth is tapered slightly so that the crown can be fitted over the top.

    • With the usage of dental putty, an impression of your teeth is taken.

    • The given dental mould is then taken to the dental laboratory which will be needed to fabricate a new crown.

    • In the meantime, you will be fitted with a temporary crown as this process takes in around 2 to 3 weeks.

    • Once the fabrication is done, you will be fitted with the all new ceramic crown.

    • Once everything is finalized, it will be fixed in the place with dental cement.

    It is as easy as it can be. So, are you looking forward to this procedure? If yes, contact us now to avail the treatment and to have perfect teeth setting.

    We at our clinic follow 5 INTERNATIONAL Dental Crowns Brands:

    E MAX
    5YWTM Ultra-Translucent Zirconia

    Dental Crown Cost in India

    Lava/ 3M/Ultra/Bruxzir/ Procera(Zirconia Crowns)- Metal Free 15,000/- Per Crown
    Porcelain - Base Metal Crown 5000/- Per Crown
    Porcelain Fused to metal (CAD-CAM Sweden) 6000/- Per Crown

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