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Are you dealing with dental issues? Looking for a place where you can fix it and get perfect teeth?

India Cosmetic Dental Clinic is the one place where you can get the best treatments from the experts for all resin dental crowns.

  • What are all Resin Dental Crowns?
  • All resin crown is a comparatively less expensive choice for teeth restoration. All resin crowns are made from composite material that is used for regular color fillings in the mouth. It is the most natural looking crowns as compared to other processes. The process is considered as the best for restoring the front teeth as well as for getting beautiful teeth.

    Acrylic Polymer resins are commonly used for crowns and dentures. This resin is prepared by blending chemical units called monomers with some activating chemicals. This reaction process facilitates the monomers to link together and react to form long chain polymers. When the reaction is in progress, these resins may harden at the room temperature. At times, ultraviolet light or heat is also required to catalyze the change.

    These all-resin dental crowns are ideal for a perfect smile. A silicon dioxide mixture filled with tooth colored plastic matter is used that helps in restoring the health and look of a tooth. All resin crowns are very appealing aesthetically as they look more natural and are of a similar shade of the tooth. The drawback of this procedure is that a large part of the tooth structure is to be removed for placing the crown. This gives rise to gingival inflammation.

  • How to prepare for All Resin Dental Crowns?
  • Not much preparation is required for this procedure, and you would have to visit the dentist twice for getting a resin crown. The expert will explain the whole procedure before undergoing it just to make you comfortable with it. It is suggested to go for a cleaning process, if possible, before the treatment.

  • How does Indian Cosmetic Dentist do it?
  • India Cosmetic Dental Clinic is fully equipped with the latest equipment. Our experts have the knowledge and skill to perform the procedure and grant you the perfect smile.

    In this procedure, the tooth is numbed with local or topical anesthetic. This is followed by cleaning process to remove the decay on the tooth.

    The tooth is then reshaped with a handpiece, a precise impression of the tooth is taken, and a temporary crown is fitted on the tooth. All during this process, a permanent crown is manufactured in the lab.

    When the final resin crown is ready, again the tooth is numbed, and a permanent new crown is fitted on the tooth.

    If you are also prepared to undergo this procedure, get in touch today.

    We at our clinic follow 5 INTERNATIONAL Dental Crowns Brands:

    E MAX
    5YWTM Ultra-Translucent Zirconia

    Dental Crown Cost in India

    Lava/ 3M/Ultra/Bruxzir/ Procera(Zirconia Crowns)- Metal Free 15,000/- Per Crown
    Porcelain - Base Metal Crown 5000/- Per Crown
    Porcelain Fused to metal (CAD-CAM Sweden) 6000/- Per Crown

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