Bad Breath Treatment

Bad Breath Treatment


Bad breath is one of the commonest dental issue, not only depreciates ones' personality but also diminishes one's social affinity. Bad breath also called halitosis, can result from poor dental habits and a sign for other dental problems. This problem is responsible for getting the confidence lowered among the individuals. Bad breath is accredited to the bacteria entering our mouth.

Reasons for Bad breath treatment

• Persistent foul smell from your mouth is the most common reason.
• Not brushing and flossing teeth on a daily basis.
• Food particles remaining in ones' mouth while eating.
• Bacterial growth between teeth, around the gums, and on the teeth is another reason.
• Odor causing bacteria and the food particles from our food also causes the problem.

Procedure for Bad breath treatment

There are various ways to treat the bad breath problem. Some of them are

Cleaning your teeth

It is recommended by the doctors that you brush twice a day using fluoride toothpaste.

One should use dental floss to clean between the teeth and remove strapped food that could cause tooth decay.

Choose small or medium sized toothbrush with soft multi-tufted toothbrush.

One should replace their tooth brush after every 3-4 months.

Cleaning Dentures

Cleaning dentures are very much necessary for the treatment of this problem. One should follow the advice.

Do not use toothbrush to clean your dentures as it can scratch the surface and can cause strains.

Clean your dentures thoroughly using soap and lukewarm water using dental cream.

One should use separate toothbrush to clean their dentures.

Gastrointestinal treatment

Bad breath can be caused by the gastrointestinal problems. The treatment recommended will be dependent on the gastrointestinal problem. If you have an ulcer then you may need a combination of two or three antibiotics.

Tips to minimize discomfort after Bad breath treatment

• One should avoid odor producing vegetables like onions.
• One should brush on a daily basis.
• Don't forget to brush the tongue while brushing.
• Replace the toothbrush after every 2-3 months and after illness.
• See your dentist regularly, at least twice a year.
• One should not smoke and avoid tobacco based product.
• Drink lots and lots of water.

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