CAD/CAM Smile Design

CAD/CAM Smile Design


One of the most integral parts of cosmetic dentistry has been creating smile makeovers. Most expert dental careers essentially work towards creating beautiful smiles for patients. The goal of creating the perfect kind of smile for dentists has remained stable for years now. However, demands and expectations of the patients have changed. Previously, patients weren't educated about the types of materials used to make their smiles beautiful. But today, they have sophisticated requirements. Their understanding of materials and options available to them is different in comparison to the scenario few years back. This is where digital dentistry has played a rather crucial role in providing the patient maximum satisfaction when it comes to their expectation standards.

What is smile designing CAD/CAM?

Smile designing CAD/CAM is the procedure that dentists opt for while building a strong smile makeover case. The procedure involves a diagnostic wax-up solution that creates transparent results for its patients. It is only after the approval of the patients that the dental team members begin with the preparation of artificial teeth installments. These are meant to be worn by patients for a temporary period of time. The time period can last anywhere from several weeks to months. The contours and shades of the restoration start fading once the time period gets over. Dentists, through the method of smile designing CAD/CAM, have been able to resolve several functional issues as well. The patients are expected to return to the dentist for final impressions, following which their smile design case will proceed towards completion. Over the years, smile designing CAD/CAM has progressed due to technological innovations. The procedures have begun taking up a lesser amount of time. However, interested patients need to ensure that they are relying on a trustable foundation to create the perfect kind of smiles for them through the means of this method.

Advantages of smile designing CAD/CAM

Following given are some of the advantages of opting for smile designing CAD/CAM:

• Quick and easy
• Use of modern techniques
• Highly reliable
• Transparency to patients
• Success rate is high

How Indian Cosmetic Dentist does it?

Indian Cosmetic Dentist, through the use of the knowledge that its experts have, embark this digital journey by keeping their patients on the same page. This way, the patients are being informed of each and every move that the dental procedure involves. Indian Cosmetic Dentist is equipped with high-end, advanced CAD/CAM systems that are qualified to carry out operations. Not only does this method allow dentists at Indian Cosmetic Dentist to communicate effectively but highly efficient results are also promised at the same time.

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