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Who does not desire a smile that can charm others instantly? Whether you have paid attention to it earlier or not, some incidences can often lead to deformity in teeth, which further affects the smile. But, worry not! In such a scenario, cosmetic help exists to correct every distortion.

Cosmetic assistance, by recognized dental institutes, helps individuals maintain a healthy aesthetic look. One of the main methods through which you can achieve a beautiful smile is the dental procedure called ceramic dental bonding. Back in 1995, this procedure began as a part of adhesive dentistry, back in 1995, during a commendable research on the benefits of acid etching by Dr. Michael Buonocore.

Thanks to the recent technological advancements, the procedure for such a dental medical operation has evolved and become easier, convenient and inexpensive. The products used in the procedure have also undergone qualitative testing, following which, their physical properties have benefitted thousands of patients around the world.

What is ceramic dental bonding?

Ceramic dental bonding is often defined as the dental procedure wherein the medical expert, through the use of his special skill set, places a ceramic resin on top or inside the patient's tooth or teeth. This is done in order to fix any dental condition such as discoloring of teeth or other manner of physical damage. The ceramic resin is such that it easily blends in with other natural set of teeth. Medical experts make use of this method for several other reasons as well. For example, patients can opt for ceramic dental bonding in case their tooth is fractured, chipped, discolored or even if their teeth is undergoing decay. The cosmetic solution is meant to be of high benefit if the individual wishes to improve his/her oral routine.

Advantages of ceramic dental bonding

Following given are top benefits of ceramic dental bonding:

• Easy fabrication techniques
• Real life-like results
• Affordable
• Quick and easy
• Less painful
• Usage of highly advance technology
• Long-lasting results

How Indian Cosmetic Dentist does it?

Indian Cosmetic Dentist makes use of high-end, fabrication techniques that ensure qualitative results for its patients. One of the main reasons why individuals tend to choose ceramic dental bonding for any type of fixation is because they are meant to provide maximum comfort and natural results in a lesser amount of time. Medical experts at Indian Cosmetic Dentist carefully evaluate each and every case individually before recommending this procedure.

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