Ceramic Inlays Onlays

Ceramic Inlays Onlays


When a tooth experiences decay or fracture, conventional tooth colored filling usually resolves the case. However, there are times when the condition ends up being way too extensive for something as simplistic as tooth colored filling to fix the problem. Medical experts have thus, come up with something called ceramic inlays. Ceramic inlays are referred to as a kind of invasive treatment that heals tooth decay and fracture while also consequently empowering the overall dental health.

What are ceramic inlays?

Ceramic inlays involve certain laboratory functions. Medical experts in this field thereafter, begin fabricating inlays in the lab. At the same time, tooth is filled with cement as a temporary solution. The cement serves the purpose of keeping the tooth and nerve protected until the time a stronger alternative is being prepared. Different materials are used depending on a variety of medical situations. However, most conditions require the involvement of either zirconium or ceramic. Experts usually opt for the kind of shades, which are meant to blend with natural colors of the individual's teeth. As far as ceramic inlays are concerned, they are made using a tough, lasting material. Another primary characteristic of ceramic inlays is that they are extremely aesthetic and look like a great fit for individuals. The ceramic inlay is usually placed on the surface of the damaged tooth. Major cases also require the ceramic inlay to be placed on the surface. While the former procedure is referred to as ceramic onlay, the latter is called ceramic inlay. They are the best kind of alternatives to crowns.

Advantages of ceramic inlays

« Ceramic inlays are biocompatible
« Extremely safe procedure
« Ensures strength and longevity of the dental health
« High esthetical by nature
« Makes sure you have a beautiful, ever-lasting smile
« Opts for a natural look

How Indian Cosmetic Dentist does it?

There are a variety of different types of modern-day procedures followed by Indian Cosmetic Dentist when it comes to ceramic inlays or onlays. The authorities at the medical center keep their patients informed about the procedures that take place and how many visits will be needed. Ideally, the operation should be successfully completed within two visits. The dental expert at Indian Cosmetic Dentist also makes it their responsibility to walk you through the various types of materials that you can opt for. After thoroughly examining your dental health, only will the dental expert provide you with the best possible solutions.

Therefore, you would not have to face any problems while going under Ceramic Inlays in Indian Cosmetic Dentist.

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