Clear Aligners Treatment

Clear Aligners Treatment


The clear aligner treatment is a procedure wherein a person wears aligners so as to correct the appearance of teeth by improving the malocclusion. The therapy gradually moves the teeth over a period of time to its desired position. However, the success of the whole process will depend on the patient’s willingness to follow dentist’s instructions. The treatment will straighten your teeth using a series of removable, clear and custom-made aligners.

Procedure for Treatment:-

The entire treatment is divided into 4 phases of 3 weeks with a new set of aligners.

The dentist will first take an x-ray as well as an impression of the person’s teeth and gums for treatment. Then he will diagnose and make a treatment plan for the patient.

The impressions of teeth taken by doctors are further scanned to create a 3D representation of the teeth. It helps in suggesting the stages between the current and the desired position of teeth.

It helps in creating aligners for each stage of treatment. The aligners will have to be worn for 20 hours a day.

The aligners will slowly move the teeth. The average period of treatment will be a year.

The aligners are aesthetically appealing and won’t be visible to others

You might need somewhere 6 to 48 aligners during the entire treatment

After each phase, the results will be evident.

The aligners are made of elastic thermoplastic which applies pressure on the teeth so as to move them in aligner’s position.

The treatment procedure, as well as duration, may differ from person to person

The aligners have to be removed while brushing, eating and flossing.

You may require to visit the dentist periodically while treatment to monitor the progress.

At times, even after completion of treatment, the patients are advised to wear retainers at night to maintain the results.

Advantages of clear aligners:-

With the help of clear aligners, one can get away with the awkwardness of wearing brackets and wires which are quite visible and embarrassing for few people. Clear aligners are not visible to anyone and do not make you conscious.

The traditional braces cause extreme discomfort because of metal framework. Clear aligners are quite comfortable and do not hurt mouth.

With clear aligners, the dentist visit lessens as there is no tightening of wires required to shift your teeth.

Clear aligners are quite easy to wear as well as remove.

They give you the freedom to eat, drink, and brush as well as floss.

They do not harm gums and cheeks

They are easy to clean which helps in maintaining oral hygiene.

They boost the self-esteem of the wearer

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