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Can you count on dental care centres who can provide you with a quality service and do not blow your pockets out at the same time? Well, not many will be there, right? With a smile being one of the most beautiful parts of a human face, you surely cannot compromise with it at any cost.

Coming to your rescue India Cosmetic Dental Clinic Dental Care provides you with a range of different dental solutions and that too, at a reliable price too. So, leave your tensions behind and trust our services for the best results.

Amidst a range of treatments, Componeer, direct composite veneers are yet another treatment we provide. Let us give you an insight into this treatment.

What is COMPONEER, direct composite veneers?

COMPONEER, direct composite veneers are prefabricated nano-hybrid composite enamel shells that associations the benefits of lab-made veneers with the direct composite restoration. They are demarcated as a totally new class of veneers and are manufactured from the highly filled nano-hybrid composite.

Advantages of our Direct Composite Veneer

• Direct composite veneers are manufactured in industries rather than in labs, thus, their cost is low compared to those manufactured in labs.

• The whole procedure of Direct Composite Veneer is not at all time consuming, it can be done at a single visit to our dental clinic.

• The healthy tissues of your teeth are damaged to a minimal extent during the restoration process.

• Our system also provides you with the selection of individual veneers according to the teeth colour, size etc.

• We provide high-quality veneer to ensure stability and an excellent cosmetic appearance to your teeth.

• With time, we provide polishing to your teeth to maintain its shine.

How do we perform the procedure?

COMPONEER, direct composite veneers are a high-quality extremely thin metal plate which is made of a nano-composite material for providing a shine to your teeth.

Following are the steps for restoration:

1. At first, we will check the condition of your front teeth and will recommend veneer COMPONEER shade. By seeing a template, we decide the appropriate form of veneer for you.

2. Then, we prepare your teeth for the prosthesis. Since the tooth enamel is a thin layer, we will polish it lightly and with minimal efforts.

3. Our highly trained dentists will fit in the veneers to the right place using the exact same material of which it is made of. According to the patients wish, the according shape and size of the veneers will be fitted.

4. After all of the above steps, a final polishing will be given to give that veneer a shine and flawless beauty to your teeth

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