Composite Resin Filling

Composite Resin Filling


Suffering from decaying teeth? Use composite resin filling treatment to cure your tooth.

Are you suffering from decaying or broken teeth? Are your teeth giving you pain and problem that is becoming inherent? Then use the composite filling for crowning and give your tooth a complete makeover. A composite resin is a tooth-coloured plastic material that helps in restoring decaying and broken teeth.

What's the procedure of placing the composite?

The dentist pales the composite in layers and then allows hardening by using a specialised light. After the process is complete, the dentist files the tooth and gives it the desired shape.

The various types of substances used for filling the teeth are:

• Amalgam: These are a type of mixture made from 50% mercury and copper, tin, zinc and silver. They are inexpensive and are initially silver in color but later change to darker texture.

• Composite: This is a type of mixture made from powdered glass and acrylic resin. The dentist can make the color of the composite match the original tooth very closely. As it gets older, then the color also darkens.

• Gold: It's the most durable and expensive filling material.

• Porcelain: They are similar like gold filling. They resemble real tooth but are fragile.

• Resin: Resin fillings help in filling the milk teeth for kids. They are dependent on everyday wear and tear. Sometimes, they are useful in filling the inside of permanent teeth for adults. They are inexpensive ones.

Advantages of composite: The composite is in general very strong. They bond to the tooth to support the remaining structure and fix from breakage. They aid in insulating the tooth from external heat.

Disadvantages of composite: The patient may experience post-operative sensitivity. To preserve the shade is also important and that could be stained by tea, coffee and other drinks. The dentist can put a clear plastic cover over the tooth. Composites tend to worn out more often as compared to the silver covering.

India Cosmetic Dental Clinic cosmetic dentist located at Karol Bagh, Delhi (India) offer quality, instant and low cost laser composite resin filling treatment for decaying teeth. We wish to impart healthy smile to every patient visiting at our dental clinic.

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