Crooked or Chipped Tooth

Broken Tooth Correction


Having a crooked or chipped tooth? Know how to repair or get a permanent solution.

Are you suffering from a chipped or crooked tooth? Is your tongue feeling the pain every time it touches the rugged surface of the tooth? Then it's time to see the doctor and get it healed. It is painful when you put a dollop of ice-cream or sip a piping hot tea. To get rid of these, it is always better to get the cracked tooth treated.

What could be the effective remedy for a broken tooth?

Before seeing a doctor, you should try to follow some self-care measures to cut the pain or inconvenience. In case, the tooth is paining, you may take acetaminophen or other pain relievers to comfort yourself from the serious conditions. You can rinse your mouth with salt water. In case the tooth has a rugged surface, and it threatens to cut the tongue; you may cover the tooth with a sugar-free chewing gum or might be a piece of wax paraffin. You should consume soft food instead of hard ones since it involves biting down and crunch down. Treatment of damaged or broken tooth depends on how severe the damage is.

There are various methods which can lead to the repair of a broken tooth:

• In case the repair is towards front tooth and could be visible once you smile, this could be repaired with the help of a procedure called tooth-colored composite resin.

• Tooth bondage could be applied to any tooth, be in front or the molar ones. In this simple procedure the doctor tends to etch the surface of the tooth and then applies an adhesive. Thereafter, the doctor applies the tooth coloured resin fixed with the help of an ultraviolet light to harden the surface.

• Dental capping or crowning helps in treating those teeth which broken down either due to accidents or natural decay. Permanent caps can either be made from metal, porcelain fused metal, resin or all ceramic material. Metal crowns are the strongest and most durable.

Root canal treatment is performed by endodontic therapy which involves reaching the root of the tooth and filling it with bio-compatible materials. Later, the dentist pins the tooth with a cap to enhance the post retained restoration.

Dental veneers are effective in the case of a broken or chipped tooth. It's a thin shell of tooth-colored porcelain made from resin composite material which is usually used to cover the set of teeth and then adjusted with the special cementing material. Once the veneer is in place, then the dentist uses a special light that will cement the material with the teeth.

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