Dental Bridges Treatment

Dental Bridges Treatment


A dental bridge is placed around the infected tooth to provide support. The bridge is made from 2 or sometimes more than two crowns which are placed on both the sides of the infected tooth. These surrounding teeth work as anchors and are named as abutment teeth. The bridge has a false tooth in between the anchoring teeth which is known as pontics. The pontics can be made using various materials such as alloys, gold, and porcelain or a mix of all of them.

Reasons to get a Dental Bridge

The bridge is used to replace the missing tooth caused by decay or breakage.

One of the major reasons for the bridge can be more than one missing teeth. The bridge will restore smile of the person maintaining the natural look.

The bridges help in proper chewing as well as biting along with speaking and maintain proper shape of the face.

It will prevent other teeth from shifting apart so that the entire bite doesn’t get affected.

Types of Dental Bridges

Traditional Bridge:

It is the most common dental bridge which places crowns or implants on the either side along with pontics in between to replace the missing tooth in the space between crowns. The traditional bridge is the best option for people who have 2 healthy teeth around the missing tooth.

Cantilever Bridges:

This type of bridge is used when a person has healthy teeth only on one side of missing tooth. In this situation, the dentist places the bridge on the basis of closest healthy teeth from the missing tooth. These bridges are not very common as they are mostly used for the teeth on the back side of the mouth.

Maryland Bonded Bridges:

These bridges are the best if the teeth in question are located in front of the mouth. Since these teeth are seen the most, the bridge is made of porcelain, plastic or metal and is supported by a framework of metal. The bridge will have wings which can be bonded only on a single side of existing teeth.

Procedure for Dental Bridge Treatment:-

- The dentist will decide about the appropriate treatment on the basis of the position of missing tooth, cost and aesthetic approach.

- The procedure of getting a bridge will depend on the dental bridge type, number of teeth which requires to be replaced as well as material to be used.

- Initially the teeth surrounding the missing tooth are prepared for the bridge with the help of implants or crown.

- After preparing the surrounding teeth, the bridge will be made in a dental lab.

- Once your permanent bridge is ready, it will be fixed on teeth.

- Meanwhile, you will be given a temporary bridge.

Benefits of Dental Bridges:-

  • Restores the smile.
  • Restore ability to chew as well as speak.
  • Maintains the shape of the face.
  • Prevent surrounding teeth from shifting apart.
  • Great appearance
  • They last long and protects teeth
  • They are quick and less invasive
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