Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings


The eating lifestyle makeover of the last decade is a telling parameter on which our body structure is changing drastically. The obesity factor due to junk food, heart issues due to consumption of inedible oil, eating chocolate or cakes as a norm rather than exception making our Teeth vulnerable to the cavity.

Nowadays, we have started celebrating so many days, events and festivals which drive us to eat sweets and chocolates as part of the celebration which makes our teeth worst affected to the cavity. It creates a gap or breaks the affected area which is susceptible to further tooth decay. Dental Fillings is one of the option to fight against the further damage and restore the teeth. Albeit Dental Fillings treatment is available in all the dental care centers however the Dental Fillings treatment at the India Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Dental Care is one of the best available across Delhi. We at India Cosmetic Dental Clinic have advanced Dental Technology which aids in giving better and faster results. The dentistry expertise at our disposal makes India Cosmetic Dental Clinic one of the most sorts after Dental Care Center in the City. Our ethos which stands for every patient should be treated as per his/her problems makes us a unique outfit in the dental care field.

What is Dental Filling?

A dental filling is a process from which India Cosmetic Dental Clinic restore the damaged tooth back to its normal shape and utility. When our Doctors give you a filling, they first remove the decayed tooth material followed by cleaning the entire affected area and filling out the cavity with a filling material.

This filling helps in thwarting any damage to the teeth and helps in preventing the further decay. There are many types of fillings such as gold, porcelain, a composite resin (tooth coloured fillings). Our doctor examines the patient and comes to the conclusion with the best-suited filling for the patient in overcoming the filling issue. The doctor may also advise few tests to ascertain the correct type of filling required to yield positive results.

Different Types of Fillings

- During your appointment with the dentist, he will examine teeth to ensure if porcelain veneers are apt for you. He will also guide you about the procedure of getting veneers.

Gold Fillings – Gold Fillings are made in laboratories and then cemented into affected place. These fillings are well tolerated by gum issues, and they may last more than 20 years. These are preferable however expensive.

Silver Fillings – Silver fillings are little inexpensive but due to their dark colour, they are more noticed hence they are not placed in very visible areas such as front teeth.

Composite Reins FillingsComposite Reins Fillings are closer to natural teeth however they are not durable and they become stained from Tea, Coffee, Tobacco or Gutkha.

Porcelain Fillings – Porcelain Fillings are similar to Composite fillings in terms of looking natural however they are more durable and costly than Composite fillings.

Our Doctors at India Cosmetic Dental Clinic observes the patient and advise the best and low cost dental fillings suited for him/her. We always strive to give our patient the smile they deserve, at the most affordable price. The Dental filling is one of the branch of the different aspects of our dental treatment expertise.

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