Dental Veneers Treatment

Dental Veneers Treatment


The people who do not have proper teeth often feels uncomfortable or restricted to laugh or smile at the moment which they should have. One of the major problems is the appearance of our teeth or its colour, size or shape which prevents us from laughing. This problem can be sorted just by doing a simple Dental Veneers Treatment.

Healthy smilez Dental Care Center in Karol Bagh, Delhi, is the one-stop solution for all your dental issues including Dental Veneers treatment. India Cosmetic Dental Clinic’s main aim is to provide affordable dental care to our patients. We have one of the best team of the cosmetic dentist in Delhi. Our advanced Dental care instruments keep us ahead of other Dental Care centers. Along with specialist people and technology, we take utmost care of each and every patient and give them best possible dental care treatment.

How does Dental Veneers Treatment take place at India Cosmetic Dental Clinic Dental Care ?

Dental Veneers Treatment is also known as Porcelain Veneers treatment. India Cosmetic Dental Clinic Dental Care treatment based on veneers which are wafer-thin and tailor-made shells made of tooth coloured material. These veneers are used to coat the surface of the front of your teeth which improves their appearance. They are compatible to the teeth irrespective to changing shape, colour, size and the length of the teeth.

These veneers are made of Porcelain which helps in maintaining the natural look of the teeth. These veneers can also be made from Resin however they are not as effective as Porcelain Veneers. The Dentist at Healthy Smilze will recommend you better-suited veneer based on the observation she will make.

Why Dental Veneer Treatment ?

- During your appointment with the dentist, he will examine teeth to ensure if porcelain veneers are apt for you. He will also guide you about the procedure of getting veneers.

- This treatment fixes discoloured teeth which may have been caused due to a root canal, excessive drugs or Gutkha etc.

- It helps in repairing the worn out teeth.

- It helps in repairing broken or chipped teeth.

- It helps in repairing misaligned, uneven or irregular shaped teeth.

- It helps in covering the gap or filling the wide spaces between them.

Procedure for getting the Dental Veneer

You just need to take an appointment with the dental expert at India Cosmetic Dental Clinic, they will assist you with best possible treatment to fix your teeth. They will also guide you with complete procedure and number of visits you need to make to successfully complete the treatment.

These visits will cover taking an x-ray, identifying the veneer size for the patient, placing temporary veneer, applying special cement on veneer to place it on the tooth and putting a special beam of light which will harden it quickly.

Procedure for getting the Dental Veneer

- The treatment makes teeth look natural in appearance.

- The treatment makes the darkest tooth looks light.

- The treatment is simpler and less painful than it sounds like.

Healthy smilez Dental Care assures you of giving back the grinning smile which you are entitled to with the best and low cost Emax dental veneers treatment at Karol Bagh, Delhi (India) the most competitive rates.

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