Dentures Treatment

Dentures Treatment


Dentures are a set of teeth which are made to replace the missing teeth. The dentures can be placed in the mouth as well as taken out. Though the dentures might feel little uncomfortable and would take some time to get used to, these days one can get dentures, which feel more comfortable and look just like natural teeth. Dentures are custom made teeth for the comfort of the wearer.

The dentures are available in 2 types, Full dentures, and partial dentures. The dentist will help you in choosing which denture suits you best. It will be based on whether all teeth are going to be replaced or a few.

Traditional Full Denture:

The conventional denture is placed in mouth after removing the remaining teeth and once the tissues have been healed. The healing process might take few months. During the healing phase, you will be without teeth.

Immediate Full Denture:

The immediate denture is placed immediately after removal of teeth. The only difference between a traditional and immediate denture is that you don’t have to live without teeth for a single day. However, you might need to visit the dentist to reline the dentures after the insertion of dentures.

Partial Denture:

The partial denture generally rests on a metal framework which will attach to the natural teeth. At times crowns will be placed on the natural teeth which will work as anchors for your denture. Partial Dentures are a removable option to the bridges.

The procedure to get a denture:-

The denture process will take some weeks as well as many appointments. After analyzing the type of denture for you, the procedure will begin as follows:

- The dentist will take impressions of the jaw and take the measurements of how much space is there between your jaws and how your jaws are related to each other.

- The dentist will further make models and wax forms in the same shape as that of the denture.

- The denture will be tried on you many times, and then the colour, shape and fitting of the denture will be assessed.

- Then a final denture will be made and placed in the mouth

- Certain adjustments might be made if required.

Cleaning a denture:-

- One should regularly remove food particles and plaque from the dentures.

- One should clean dentures just like the natural teeth

- One should brush the dentures with paste or soap along with water

- They should be soaked in water to remove the food particles

- They should be soaked in a fizzy solution for denture-cleaning so as to remove stains as well as bacteria

Benefits of Dentures:-

- One can replace missing teeth with the help of dentures, which improve appearance as well as smile

- They help in eating and speaking comfortably

- They offer fully functional teeth

- One gets freedom of eating whatever they want

- They prevent sagging of facial muscles

- They make the person look young

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