Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic Treatment


Endodontic treatment or the Root canal treatment, is the treatment given to the patient to remove infected pulp of a tooth and protection of the decontaminated tooth from the future microbial invasion. It involves removal of the physical hollows within in a tooth, their subsequent shaping, cleaning and decontamination of hollows with a small file. This treatment is very much beneficial for the patients suffering from the root canal infection. It helps in removing infection and other complications in ones' tooth.

Reasons for Endodontic treatment:

- Infected pulp inside the root canal of the tooth can be a reason.

- Another reason is Tenderness, sensitivity to tapping of tooth and pain across the infected tooth.

- Persistent swelling across a tooth with a bad taste or odor coming from the tooth.

- Previous dental treatment, which leads to the infections.

- Improper eating habits like chocolate and other stuff. They make the infection more profound.

- Avoiding brushing the teeth daily also causes the problem.

Procedure for Endodontic treatment:

The Endodontic treatment can be done in just one or two visits and the steps involved are:

- Step 1: The doctor examines the tooth, led the X-ray procedure and administers the local anesthetic. After that, the tooth is isolated by covering it with the 'dental dam' followed by cleaning of tooth.

- Step 2: An opening is made in the crown on the tooth. Small instruments are used to clean pulp and root canals to shape the space for filing.

- Step 3: After cleaning the space, the dentist fills the root canals by a biocompatible material usually a rubber like material called 'gutta percha'. The temporary filing is removed by the dentist before the tooth is restored.

After the final visit, you must return to doctor for crowning of tooth to protect and restore it to full function.

Tips to minimize discomfort after Endodontic treatment:

- Take antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor whenever in pain.

- Give some time to the tooth which had root canalled to settle down.

- Avoid crunchy, hard or tough food to the tooth which has recently gone to the root canal.

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