Full Mouth Implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants Treatment

full dental implants

India Cosmetic Dentist is a multispecialty clinic which masters in full mouth dental implants with its time tested implantation method. The Implant Surgeon at India Cosmetic Dentist, is the leading authority of Dental Implants Technology in India and has over 25 YEARS of Successful Practice.

With more than 3000 Successful Dental Surgeries till date, the Implant Surgeon at India Cosmetic Dentist is the most sought after Implant Surgeon in India. His is second to none track record and affordability factor of Indian rates makes him the ideal choice of patients across US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and other countries patients' seeking quality dental implants at affordable cost.

The full mouth Implant replacement requires a complete set of upper and lower teeth using a dental implant and completed over multiple visits to the clinic.

Some Dental Implants Cases:






  • First the doctor of India Cosmetic Dentist consult with the patient to collect all the information regarding the dental and medical history of the patient then discuss and plan the treatment most suitable for the patient.
  • The dental implants will be placed to support the replacement teeth
  • Temporary teeth will be placed to form a strong foundation for the replacement tooth.
  • On the top of the implant connectors or abutment are placed to help the replacement teeth
  • To maximize support sometimes additional connecting devices are attached.
  • Custom made replacement teeth or an implant supported fixed bridge or denture are placed


There are multiple advantages achieved through the full mouth dental implants such as;

  • A permanent and long lust solution to the dental problems.
  • Extremely stability and comfortless is achieved while eating, chewing or giving a speech
  • A high level of confidence and self respect has been build and created in the mind..
  • The maintenance of the implants becomes very easy.
  • The bone structure becomes more strong and effective.

We at our clinic follow 4 INTERNATIONAL implant systems:



India Cosmetic Dentist proceed the technique in a most precise and successful way within a less amount of time period along with the assurance of complete comfortless to patient and minimize the pain as much as possible. Because of the clinic's specialty and excellent performance on implantation process, people around the world come to the clinic for the excellent treatment.

We offer Affordable Dental Implants:

Nobel Biocare- Dental Implants (Sweden) (With Straight abutment) 50,000/- Per Implant
Nobel Active - (Nobel Biocare-Sweden) with straight abutment 60,000/- Per Implant 
Porcelain - Base Metal Crown 5000/- Per Crown
Porcelain Fused to metal (CAD-CAM Sweden) 6000/- Per Crown
Procera/ Lava/ 3M (Zirconia Crowns/ Veneers)- Metal Free 13000/- Per Crown/Veneer
Removable Partial Dentures (Imported) 5,000/- Upwards
Removable Partial Denture (Flexible) 10,000/- Upwards
Upper and Lower Complete Denture (Imported) 30,000/- Full Set

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