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Full Mouth Dentures


Full mouth dentures or conventional dentures as they are called, improve the quality of life of patients who may have lost their teeth for whatever reasons. can be inserted right away after they are made. These dentures are usually made from acrylic resin in combination with other metals and you would still be required to wash and clean them twice each day before inserting the same into your mouth.

The process is simple enough, once the dentist takes the required measurements and gets the dentures modeled, he/she would then remove any traces of remaining teeth from your mouth, and insert the dentures once they are ready. Additionally, if you prefer to retain some of your remaining teeth, you can always opt for partial dentures. The process can take anywhere from four to six weeks for the dentures to be modeled and for you to be able to start wearing them. And as you age, your gums may shrink which will require additional visits to the dentist to get the dentures re-modeled.

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