Gaps Between Teeth

Gaps Between Teeth (Diastema) Treatment


Perfect smile is like a dew drop which gently wets you with all the love you ever wanted. Your perfect smile not only hydrates others heart but make you feel confident too. But how are you going to feel confident about yourself if your confidence comes with gaps? Yes, gaps between the teeth.

This gap between teeth is commonly known as Diastema. This type of gap is generally and mostly seen in the first two front upper teeth. Nonetheless, gaps can be seen between any two teeth. There appears to be many reasons behind the gaps between the teeth. The primary reason being the teeth are places with more space in some people than the normal teeth are placed and therefore, extra space is created between the teeth which normally is not present. Another reason consists of the crooked teeth, which becomes a mismatch with the remaining teeth around it which in turn creates gaps between the teeth. Again the children who develop thumb sucking habit at an early age can develop these gaps in the upper two front teeth. Interestingly, even wrong swallowing habits while eating is another reason of gap between the teeth.

The signs and symptoms of Diastema are not that evident but small signs like teeth becoming loose, painful sensations in the teeth while chewing and biting helps us to know about it. The dentist can easily diagnose while visit to one.

Talking about the treatment of Diastema, the most commonly preferred treatment is the braces. It does not matter where the gap is, the orthodontist will help you with the braces on the upper and lower part both i.e. full braces. The reason being any teeth movement will affect entire teeth movement. Varied size of lateral incisors will be suggested crowns, veneers or bonding as treatment. Missing teeth might be treated by dental implants. Another treatment is called frenectomy which is a surgery to close the gaps of the teeth. When done during the childhood the surgery helps to close the gaps naturally but when done on an adult, the adult would need braces after the surgery as a part of further treatment for closing the gaps. In case the gap between the teeth is due to any periodontal disease first the gums have to be treated before the gaps. Some of the treatments are affordable and some may prove to be costlier like dental implants. Prevention includes good gum and teeth care and maintenance and overcoming wrong habits of thumb sucking and swallowing.

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