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Are you disappointed with your gummy smile? Try gum contouring for an amazing result

When you smile, your gum shows along with your beautiful face, is this causing problem? It's high time that you consult with your dentist and try gum contouring treatment. This is a skilled operation that the cosmetic surgeon can perform and remove the extra gum line with efficient laser therapy. The result is that your teeth show longer, whiter and your smile becomes impressive.

When is a cosmetic gum contouring necessary?

In certain cases, when the patient smiles, a wider part of his gum is visible as compared to his teeth. This leads the teeth to appear smaller than normal. The cosmetic surgeon can perform an operation where he corrects the gum line and thereby exposing wider part of the teeth.

The various reasons when gum contouring becomes essential are:

• When the teeth appears too short or square

• When the teeth is facing gum recession

• When you have an uneven gum line

• When you show off excessive gum on smiling, a concept called 'gummy teeth' occurs.

• When the gaps between the teeth is too large

• When you have gum as well as teeth diseases.

How is the surgery done?

The dentist uses anaesthetic injection to numb the gums; then he uses laser knife to cut down the desired length of the gum and stitch the gum lining. This prevents blood from oozing out. The dentist can also take measures to eradicate hollows and trap bacteria from spreading further.

The cost for gum contouring treatment: The cost for contouring single teeth is very affordable in Delhi, India. The insurance company does not always cover the entire cost but might be a party in certain cases. Others might aid when there is a necessity for medical help.

Treatment after surgery is important: Just after the surgery, it's essential to keep the mouth clean by regular flossing with mouthwash. One should abstain from brushing till the gums heal. Regular use of mouthwash prevents any further infection that might arise from any injury from the surgery.

Now, you need not be satisfied with a God-gifted defective smile. Your dentist will give you the perfect solution for an ultimate makeover. Do a detailed study from any website and give a call to fix a meeting with the dentist who will give you a 'smile makeover'.

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