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Immediate Dental Implants Treatment

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As a kid, we are given pencil for a reason if we make any mistake, we can correct them with the help of rubber. Same way, our body too, as a kid, has a gift of losing the baby teeth just to get the permanent teeth. However, once we get the permanent teeth, it is our responsibility to protect them from any damage or worse losing them.

What is Immediate Dental Implants?

Immediate Dental Implant takes less time than the conventional Implant procedure. The immediate implant can be complete in the single visit however in some case, it can take two to three weeks involving two-three visits. Immediate Dental Implants refers to replacing the affected teeth with a new one in a short span of time. The procedure often involves the placement of a provisional restoration and then new teeth under the observation of experts. Dentistry experts may ask you to do some initial tests before evaluating whether Immediate Implant procedure is a better option or the conventional method.

With Immediate Dental Implants, it is possible to replace the tooth immediately, only pre-condition is to act fast.

Below are the two examples which are apt for Immediate Dental Implants.

  • If you have just lost a tooth due to injury caused while playing sports.
  • If you know you are about to lose a tooth.

Some Dental Implants Cases:





Conditions of possible Immediate Dental Implants.

  • The bone around the falling tooth must be intact.
  • The gum and surrounding area of the implant should be infection free.

If both the conditions are met, it is possible to do an Immediate Dental Implants. The dentistry experts are the right people to advise the best possible treatment for the patient to get better results. Immediate plant compared to regular Implant is a bit risky in terms of getting a favourable result.

Benefits of an Immediate Implant

Imagine if you have to spend days with outside world with your missing teeth, it will be embarrassing and painful. Hence, if you have an option to do immediate implant, you should seriously try this option. This will reduce the pain and chances of it getting successful are bright with advancement in technology and expertise with the India Cosmetic Dental Clinic.

We at our clinic follow 4 INTERNATIONAL implant systems:



How can you approach Immediate Dental Implant

If you feel you will lose one of your teeth soon, you can take an appointment with the dental experts at Healthy Smiles and they will assist with best possible solutions for your implant. Experts not only give full information about Dental Implant but also about other aspects such as the number of visits you need to make, the money you will need to spend to get the desired result.

Dentistry experts across the globe are working diligently to further improve the immediate dental implant and the results of the hard work are reflected in improved success ratio of the immediate dental implant.

We offer Affordable Dental Implants:

Nobel Biocare- Dental Implants (Sweden) (With Straight abutment) 50,000/- Per Implant
Nobel Active - (Nobel Biocare-Sweden) with straight abutment 60,000/- Per Implant 
Porcelain - Base Metal Crown 5000/- Per Crown
Porcelain Fused to metal (CAD-CAM Sweden) 6000/- Per Crown
Procera/ Lava/ 3M (Zirconia Crowns/ Veneers)- Metal Free 13000/- Per Crown/Veneer
Removable Partial Dentures (Imported) 5,000/- Upwards
Removable Partial Denture (Flexible) 10,000/- Upwards
Upper and Lower Complete Denture (Imported) 30,000/- Full Set

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