Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign Treatment


Invisalign is an alternative to wearing braces for straightening of teeth which uses aligners. The aligners are virtually invisible as well as removable so that one can straighten their teeth without letting anyone know. And one can eat and drink as per their wish. Our appearance plays a pivotal role in determining our confidence. With Invisalign, one can get a perfect smile that too without feeling the awkwardness of braces.

Features of Invisalign

- Invisalign straightens our teeth by using a series of almost invisible and removable aligners which are tailor-made specifically for teeth of the patient.

- Invisalign is a tray made of smooth and invisible plastic which you wear on your teeth. They gently shift the teeth in the correct place.

- There is no use of metal brackets and wires to attach and tighten like braces

- Since one can replace aligner in every two weeks, the teeth will move at a minimal pace gradually shifting towards the desired final position.

- With virtues of clarity, comfort, and removability, Invisalign simply transforms your life with a perfect set of teeth and beautiful smile.

Procedure to get Invisalign

- Plan a visit to your dentist so that he can guide you on the procedure.

- Initially, the dentist will take x-rays and impression of teeth so that they can be used for preparing the Invisalign.

- The doctor will virtually show you how the teeth will move to the desired position in the required span of treatment.

- Each patient has different, health nature and so is the duration of treatment. However, on an average, an adult needs one year to get the treatment done.

- For teens, the duration of treatment might be similar to that of braces

- Then a set of clear aligners will be made for you whom you can wear all day except eating and brushing.

- The aligners are smooth as well comfortable so as not to hurt inside of the mouth.

- Every two weeks you will have to wear a new aligner which will take you nearer to your desired result.

- You might have occasional check-ups for monitoring the progress.

- It is recommended to wear the aligners for at least 20-22 hours each day for best results.

- At the end of treatment, you will have perfect teeth which you have always dreamt of.

Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

- It does not alter your appearance like in case of braces

- The aligners are very comfortable unlike conventional braces

- They are safe and do not cause injury to inside of mouth since there is no wire or brackets

- The duration of treatment is way less than conventional braces

- They do not restrict your food intake

- They make it easy to perform oral hygiene routine

India Cosmetic Dental Clinic is a one-stop solution to all your dental issues. Located in Delhi, we offer comprehensive and low cost invisalign (Invisible Braces) treatment in Karol bagh, Delhi with the help of our qualified Doctors and world class services. We wish to impart healthy smile and dental health to all our patients that too at affordable rates.

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