Invisible Braces Treatment

Invisible Braces Treatment


Straight teeth are every individual’s dream, but not everyone is blessed with perfect teeth naturally. With the advent of time, there are many options available to straighten out teeth with the help of dental procedures. The traditional procedure of straightening teeth used to consist of wearing braces. The braces have brackets fixed on teeth, which are further tightened with the help of clips and wires. It is quite obvious that traditional braces are uncomfortable and also make certain individuals self-conscious.

But with the advent of Invisible braces in dental treatments, the straightening of teeth has become quite aesthetic. These braces enhance confidence and appearance of the individual.

The conditions treated with Invisible braces:

- One can cure overbite and overjet with invisible braces

- One can resurrect crowded teeth as well as teeth with wide space in between

- Crooked teeth can be corrected with these braces

Invisible braces are recommended for adults or older teenagers and not for young children as they will require traditional braces for treatment. However, it is only your dentist who will determine the best braces for you.

Types of Invisible braces:-

The main types of invisible braces include ceramic brackets, clear aligners or inside brackets.

Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic braces are also like metal braces, but they have tooth-coloured wires and brackets. These braces blend inside your mouth just like natural teeth and do not stain. Ceramic braces are made of composite material. These braces are larger than metal braces and need small rubber bands. The ceramic braces are not removable until the time the treatment is completed. They require a significant treatment time.

Inside braces:

These braces are attached inside the teeth and are hidden from view. These braces can help people who are embarrassed about wearing traditional braces. The inside braces are not removable and have to be worn for the entire treatment period.

Clear aligners:

These braces are a series of removable and clear aligners which are tailor-made to fit on your teeth. These aligners are removable but have to be worn 20-22 hours each day for best results. They are invisible and comfortable. These aligners can also be removed while eating and brushing.

The procedure to get Invisible braces:-

Since there are many types of Invisible braces, the treatment procedure may vary a little. But the main procedure remains the same.

- The dentist will take an x-ray of teeth and gums

- Then an impression of teeth will be taken to make braces

- He will further make the braces on the basis of impression of the teeth taken

- These braces will be placed on teeth

- The patient may require to visit the dentist on frequent intervals for tightening or getting new aligners

- Mostly the treatment will last for about 12- 18 months

Benefits of Invisible Braces:-

- They are comfortable and do not harm inside of mouth

- These braces are not visible and hence do not hamper confidence

- They enhance self-esteem

- Oral care routine does not get disturbed

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