Laser Teeth whitening

Laser Teeth whitening


A smile is one of the most beautiful aspects of very person’s personality. It is the perfect way to express the feeling of happiness and everyone loves to flaunt their smiles to show that they are happy, but sometimes the situation becomes embarrassing when your teeth becomes yellow. This is a situation that everyone has to go through at one particular instant, but our unhealthy lifestyle and habits have fueled the rapid stain and yellowing of our teeth.

This is where modern medical science steps in as it delivers sure shot treatment to whiten your teeth so that you have the smile with you that you love to flaunt. Teeth whitening is a thing that has been practiced for years but the 21st century man is not patient enough and wants his every problem solved as quickly as possible and teeth whitening is a faster solution to the problem of strained teeth.

What is Laser Teeth whitening?

The first query that would have obviously pop up in every patient’s mind is that what is this and the answer to this lies in the name itself.

Teeth whitening is like expansion to the traditional approach where a bleaching agent is applied on the teeth to whiten them. Laser teeth whitening involve bleaching of teeth and then focusing a beam of laser on the teeth to perfectly whiten them. The procedure is white easy and is faster than the traditional teeth whitening procedures.


The first process involves cleaning of your teeth thoroughly to remove any stains. Then the dentist takes a record of your yellowed teeth so as to show you the extent of improvement. Then a whitening gel which is most commonly peroxide gel is applied to the teeth in a fully cautious way so that the lips and tongue do not touch the gel.

Then an intense beam of laser is focused on your teeth for almost 30 minutes in spate intervals of 10-10 minutes and you eyes are also protected from the laser. The final result after 30 minutes gives your perfectly whitened teeth.

Is it safe?

One thing that can make people worry about this procedure is the use of laser but this procedure is perfectly safe without any side effects. The laser used does not have any bad effect on your teeth and the gel used is also perfectly safe to go with.

Is it permanent?

It depends, for those who indulge in chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes, it is not permanent, but it can be for those who do not involve in these sorts of activities.



In all the teeth whitening procedures, laser teeth whitening is the most effective one as it generates everlasting results if you take care of your teeth.


The best part about laser teeth whitening is that it is much faster than the other traditional teeth whitening procedures.

Negligible side effect

Laser teeth whitening gives negligible side effects as compared to the traditional ways of bleaching the teeth which tends to weaken the teeth

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