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Lingual Braces Treatment


Lingual braces is a method of orthodontic treatment where brackets, wires and elastic bands , used to realign the teeth are mounted on their backside. They are therefore, virtually invisible. If you play a wind instrument or a sport, these are easier to adapt than the traditional braces.


• Taking impression of teeth- Orthodontist need to take a set of accurate impressions of upper and lower teeth. Dentist has a scanner to take digital impression of teeth and jaw.

• Fabrication of braces- In laboratory, technicians make casts from impressions. Technician creates a set up which is scanned into computer. After approving by dentist, brackets are created using CAD/CAM technology. Once fabricated, the brackets are embedded into upper and lower applicator trays.

• Attaching braces to teeth- Orthodontist prepare surface of the teeth, so bonding will adhere to them properly. Then, apply cement to each of the brackets and press applicator tray that holds them to place over teeth. Bracket remains in precise alignment until cement has cured. Once cement has set, orthodontist will break away applicator tray. Brackets will remain in place on teeth. Any excess bonding is scrapped off or trimmed away. When brackets have secured, pre-bent arch wires are installed.

Challenges associated with lingual braces:-

1. Teeth have to be long enough to provide sufficient room to glue braces on the inside of teeth.
2. Not advisable to wear these if one has excessive bite problems.
3. The positioning of these affects your tongue. Swallowing without using tongue thrust is difficult and talking is a little tricky.
4. Overall time using lingual braces is longer than the traditional braces .
5. Patient has to be more diligent about cleaning teeth as lingual braces makes it harder to check whether he/she has brushed all the food particles.
6. Food easily gets stuck in brackets and wires and can cause plaque to form and tooth decay.

Advantages of lingual braces:-

1. Location of these braces make them invisible.
2. Due to the precise outcome, they are astoundingly sophisticated.
3. These braces include optical impression taking, digital treatment planning and use of custom-made brackets and arch wires.
4. Shorter treatment period may be required.

All dentists do not provide treatment using lingual braces because:-

• Providing treatment is more involved , as brackets are attached at the backside of teeth where visibility and access is more difficult.
• Shape of arch wire may not have a smooth continuous curve like used in frontside braces.
• These are a little more expensive than traditional braces.

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