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In this beautified world, nobody wants to live with a smile that does not match the standards of perfection. Although every smile is perfect; however, sometimes, people with uneven or misaligned teeth feel inferior while smiling, because of the obvious reasons. So, to correct this deformity of teeth, India Cosmetic Dental Clinic is offering Metallic Dental Braces at highly affordable prices. For those who are contemplating to get dental braces, there are several options available. One such is metal braces.

These are the braces made up of either tooth-coloured material or stainless steel. With the help of dental bonding substance, these braces are fixed to your teeth to move them from their current uneven position to an even one. These can be used to fix upper and lower jaw alignment.

Advantages of Metallic Dental Braces:

Even though there are several types of braces available out there, these ones still top the chart, thanks to their advantages.

• Effective at treating overcrowded teeth
• Less expensive
• Full control for the orthodontist to move the teeth
• Different colour options for elastic and brackets

While there are several advantages of this treatment, most of the times, people prefer other options only because metallic dental braces are visible. But then, it all depends on your personal choice.

Procedure of Fixing Metallic Dental Braces:

To fix metallic dental braces, the dentist has to be trained and experienced. And, at India Cosmetic Dental Clinic, there is no dearth of talented experts. Our doctors adopt the following procedure for this treatment:

• While playing the role of a consultant, our dentists tend to assess your situation thoroughly. This includes gaining your dental history, checking your mouth & teeth X-ray, and cautiously examining your mouth.
• Once everything is finalized, your cheeks are retracted to keep your teeth dry. This exposure also helps in finding the best place to fix braces.
• The dentist will polish your teeth and create an accurate surface.
• A special conditioner is applied on the teeth for 30 seconds and then it is removed.
• Adhesive primer is applied on the teeth to prepare them for sticking the bracket.
• Before putting the bracket on your teeth, a coat of special orthodontic cement is applied.
• After removing extra cement, high-intensity light is used to harden the cement.
• Once the brackets are fixed, dental arch wires are pierced through the brackets.

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