Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned (Malocclusion) Teeth Treatment


If you happen to suffer from misaligned teeth, then there are various treatments that you can opt for. If you happen to suffer from cross bite, or overbite, where your teeth has more of a buccal or lingual position where it causes you to bite the side of your cheeks or your lips, chances are you have malocclusion. However, this condition called malocclusion can be easily treated with the right treatment and dental care. So if you happen to suffer from malocclusion, then do visit your dentist at the earliest, so that he may review the alignment of your teeth and correct the same by applying various methods to correct the same.

While this condition is easily treatable, it should be noted that malocclusion is also a hereditary condition so you may need to ensure that your children have access to premium dental care so that this condition can be treated early on.

The dentist will carefully review your teeth and its alignment and post classification, use various methods to correctly align the teeth. He/She may utilize braces, retainers to adjust and correctly align your teeth and at times may even suggest an extraction to prevent overcrowding. Apart from this, in cases of severe malocclusion, your dentist may require you to undergo surgery to reshape and resize the jaw so that the alignment of the upper and lower teeth is perfect. Usually, surgery is recommended only in the most severe of cases and in most cases of malocclusion, only retainers and braces are employed to good effect.

So call us today for a consult and let us take a look at your misaligned teeth so that we can provide you with an accurate diagnosis right away. Check in with us today for some of the most effective dental care at competitive rates.

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