Mottling Teeth Correction

Mottling of Teeth Correction


Fluorosis, also known as "mottling of teeth" is a condition wherein the teeth appear discolored. This type of a cosmetic condition usually takes place due to the overexposure of teeth to fluoride in the first eight years of life. Mottling of teeth takes place during this period because this is the phase of a child's life wherein their permanent teeth are formed. Teeth are, more times than often, mildly discolored and take forms of odd shapes. Expert dental observation is required in a situation like this because there are occurrences of white, lacy marks that can only be spotted with the support of a variety of tools. When an individual is dealing with mottling of teeth, his/her teeth end up being the shade of either yellow or dark brown. There are random stains located in various regions of teeth. There are surface irregularities among the set and the gap between teeth is easily noticeable.

What is mottling of teeth correction?

There is a range of solutions that one can opt for in case they feel that their mottling of teeth condition is severe. Mottling of teeth correction tools such as dental filling, which is also known as dental bonding, can instantly resolve the condition. Dental experts, however, will be required to analyze the dental situation properly in order to decide which restoration procedure will end up being the perfect one for the patient's current condition. Majority of the cases usually opt for the dental composite procedure. It easily bonds the tooth's surface with the rest of the portion and makes it appear natural. Experts also carry out porcelain veneer placements especially when the problem area is considerably larger in terms of the tooth's surface. Dentists usually recommend this solution when they feel that the patient's dental health is not strong enough to last for long. When the person's dental health condition is beyond the repair of dental bonding and veneer placements, they usually have to opt for dental crowns. It establishes a strong structural integrity for the patient's teeth.

Advantages of mottling of teeth correction

♦ Less maintenance required
♦ Ensures longevity of the teeth
♦ Improves dental strength
♦ Most viable solution

How Indian Cosmetic Dentist does it?

Indian Cosmetic Dentist is known to provide the best dental health services in the market at the moment. Through the use of modern-day tools that help resolve most dental health-related issues almost instantly, Indian Cosmetic Dentist has gained widespread recognition. The solutions provided by the medical center are convenient and extremely affordable by nature.

So, if you are looking to go through this procedure, get in touch with our experts and undergo this procedure within affordable prices.

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