Painless RCT

Have a decaying tooth? Dentist suggests a painless root canal treatment for you


If you are suffering from a decaying tooth from a long time, then a root canal treatment is the best solution for you. Consult your doctor for a painless treatment.

What is a painless root canal treatment?

The procedure involves taking out the tooth from its cavity and refilling the decayed part with a bio-compatible material; this is a procedure that involves removal of the nervous elements of the tooth. During the entire process, the dentist pushes an injection that numbs the gums and then the surgery takes place using deep-rooted needles.

When is a painless root canal treatment suggested?

A doctor suggests a root canal in the following cases:
• When a severe toothache occurs due to contact with extreme cold or extreme hot liquid causing pain in the entire mouth.
• When the patient feels a constant pain during mastication or chewing.
• When a part of the tooth darkens.
• When some swelling develops around the gum and the tooth.
• When a part of the tooth decays and uprooting is not necessary.

How is a painless root canal treatment done?

The dentist needs to diagnose and decide if there is a possibility for root canal treatment or not. The tooth is then made isolated with a rubber kit. This helps in the procedure of treatment by preventing the saliva to mix with the fluid from the needle used for the surgery. Then a cavity is made with a needle which cleanses the root with the help of an aerator. Then the process involves filling of the root with substance. This could be done in a single sitting or might be multiple sitting. When the filling process is complete, it involves crowning of the tooth with the help of a material called gutta-percha which is bio-compatible. The entire process takes place after the gum goes numb being injected. The process is painless.

The cost of a painless root canal treatment: The cost of doing a Endodontic treatment to a single tooth ranges very affordable in Delhi, India. The dental insurance might cover a part of the treatment.

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