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Some people are blessed with a flawless smile, whereas others have to deal with the imperfections. But, by using the latest dental care treatments, a person can have flawless teeth, a beautiful smile and a cheerful day.

India Cosmetic Dental Clinic, Dental Care Center, provides a range of treatments for your dental care. Our treatments have benefited several of the patients in getting perfect teeth and getting rid of dental issues. We as a team, thrive to give you the best treatment we can and aim for your betterment related to every detailing of your dental problems.

Among a majority of our treatments, Procera (Zirconia Crowns) is one of them. Here, we are telling you in brief about the treatment so that you get a clear understanding of it.

What is Procera (Zirconia Crowns)?

Procera crowns are a type of crowns which are entirely metal free. An expert or a professional dentist are needed for the fabrication of Procera Crowns, and it should be done in the dental laboratories. The Procera crowns, being metal free, have little resistance. The best part of using them is that they cannot get rusty from the outdoor surroundings.

Advantages of a Procera (Zirconia Crown)

Procera Crowns are extraordinarily robust and cannot be broken easily. They can withstand the wear and tear issues and can provide a more extended durability.

Procera (Zirconia Crowns) are translucent enough to look like original teeth. They are available in different medications, size, and color. And the best part is they fit in a better way than the original teeth itself.

With the Zirconia crowns being biocompatible, they can be kept inside your mouth for a longer duration of time without any issues.

Procedure for fitting the Procera ( Zirconia Crown)

At first, our dental specialist will build a thin hard-edged ceramic so that this material can be utilized in the making of porcelain. After that, the dentist applies the created hard-edged thin ceramic under the construction area.

Different color and shapes are given as requested by the patients. After the work of porcelain is completed, on a porcelain surface, a Porcelain Dental crown is baked so that it can be dispatched as per the dentist demands.

Furthermore, our dentist will ensure that the crown is fitted perfectly in the patient's mouth or not. Any of the further adjustments are taken into consideration and are sculpted based on the patient's demand.

We at our clinic follow 5 INTERNATIONAL Dental Crowns Brands:

5YWTM Ultra-Translucent Zirconia

Dental Crown Cost in India

Lava/ 3M/Ultra/Bruxzir/ Procera(Zirconia Crowns)- Metal Free 15,000/- Per Crown
Porcelain - Base Metal Crown 5000/- Per Crown
Porcelain Fused to metal (CAD-CAM Sweden) 6000/- Per Crown

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