RCT Treatment

RCT Treatment


A root canal treatment, which is also known as an endodontic treatment, is done inside the tooth. The procedure is required to be done when pulp becomes infected or inflamed. The infection can be caused because of many underlying reasons such as decay, faulty crown, and chipped teeth. At the time of the root canal process, the dentist will remove the pulp and clean the inside of tooth followed by sealing.

Reasons to get a Root Canal Treatment:

- When the pulp(the soft tissue) inside tooth gets infected

- Repeated dental procedures

- Crack in tooth

- Injury to tooth

- When there is an infected tooth

- Damage to the roots of tooth

- Infection or inflammation in the roots

Procedure to get a Root Canal Treatment:

- After undertaking the analysis of tooth condition with the help of an x-ray, the dentist will recommend a root canal to the patient.

- During the procedure, the dentist will first numb your tooth will help of local anaesthetics.

- The dentist will make an opening on tooth through the crown to pulp chamber which is known as pulpectomy.

- The dentist will have special files to clean the infected or unhealthy part of pulp from the canals. Further, the canals will be shaped for filling material.

- The dentist will use irrigation to clean canal and remove any debris from the canal.

- The dentist will then fill the canal with permanent material which prevents infection and contamination of canal.

- A temporary material is fixed on top of filling so that it seals the opening. This filling will be kept as it is until the time the permanent filling is placed on the tooth.

- A crown is then placed on the tooth which looks quite similar to that of our natural teeth.

- The crown is then cemented permanently on the tooth.

Tips to care of the tooth after the Endodontic Treatment:

The concerned tooth can last for a long time if taken care of properly. Mostly root canals have very high success ratio. These are few points which should be considered for a long lasting result:

- The person needs to maintain oral hygiene with brushing twice a day along with flossing

- One should take a regular visit to dentist for cleaning and other examinations

- The person should keep away from chewing hard food items as they can lead to breakage of teeth or harm the root canal.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment:

- One can get rid of a severe toothache

- One can get rid of foul smell from mouth

- It helps in getting rid of foul taste around the tooth

- It helps in troubles related to chewing or issues with mouth opening

- If a person suffers from fever due to infection, it can be cured with a root canal.

- One can get rid of swelling in gums and jaws

- It can save the damaged tooth from getting extracted

- It improves appearance as well as overall health

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