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Single Tooth Implants Treatment

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To get long term effectivity of Single tooth implant All the best techniques available up to date are practiced at India Cosmetic Dentist in a perfect and unique way.

At India Cosmetic Dentist, all the Single Tooth Implant Processes are perfectly performed at most affordable price. The expert Dentists of the clinic take utmost care of the patients in a most friendly and caring way.

What is Single Tooth Implant?

Single Tooth Implant is the process through which a dental implant and a crown is surgically replaced at the lost or missing natural tooth portion.

Some Dental Implants Cases:







As there are different processes are applied for different techniques, the most commonly used process applied on the patient contain 3 most important section-
• Titanium implant is needed to place at lower or upper jawbone of missing tooth.
• The metallic abutment is then placed to attach the implant to the crown. The abutment can be made of porcelain, titanium or gold.
• The porcelain fused metal alloy is used as restoration or crown which remain cemented on the abutment and the composite will be covering the screw hole.
• In case of Hybrid Single Tooth Implant System, the techniques of single back and front tooth implant is performed in a different way to get maximum benefits.


A Single tooth implanted technique is more effective to a traditional tooth implant:
• The implanted single tooth work, feel and look like a natural tooth
• The natural teeth adjacent to the defect on or missing one are not destroyed and kept intact
• The defects of the bone can be treated and corrected through implant
• The implant stay strong, aesthetic and healthy for lifelong
• As Implant never destroy or decayed, no root canal would be needed again
• Hygienic cleaning is easily accessible

The dentists of the India Cosmetic Dentist first decide what kind of single tooth implant treatment is going to be most suitable for the patient and explain that specific process to the patient clearly to proceed or follow the process and turn the patient's Hope of having a great smile into reality.

We offer Affordable Dental Implants:

Nobel Biocare- Dental Implants (Sweden) (With Straight abutment) 50,000/- Per Implant
Nobel Active - (Nobel Biocare-Sweden) with straight abutment 60,000/- Per Implant 
Porcelain - Base Metal Crown 5000/- Per Crown
Porcelain Fused to metal (CAD-CAM Sweden) 6000/- Per Crown
Procera/ Lava/ 3M (Zirconia Crowns/ Veneers)- Metal Free 13000/- Per Crown/Veneer
Removable Partial Dentures (Imported) 5,000/- Upwards
Removable Partial Denture (Flexible) 10,000/- Upwards
Upper and Lower Complete Denture (Imported) 30,000/- Full Set

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