Smile Makeover in a Week

Smile Makeover in a Week


It is said we should always wear a smile, no matter what the situation is. It is essential to keep going in life and trying to keep the face as happy as we can. There is a small roadblock to this. Yes, it is our apprehension to smile due to our face or mouth carry some issues. Cosmetic dentistry over the world has come up with a service in which they will make your Smile Makeover in a Week.

Forget the entire world, for now, we will discuss the “Smile Makeover In a Week” locally. India Cosmetic Dental Clinic Dental Care in Karol Bagh, Delhi is giving all the cosmetic dentistry services under one roof, including the Smile Makeover in a Week.

India Cosmetic Dental Clinic Dental Care center is equipped with the advanced technology, experienced doctors led by Dr. Mala Makar who herself spent more than 10 years in dentistry services. The competitive pricing makes the healthy smilez center common people friendly. We give a lot of attention to each and every patient with any of his issues, be it Dental Implants, Dental Veneers, Fillings or the Smile Makeover. For us treating our patient is of utmost importance.

How Smile Makeover in a Week works ?

Smile Makeover will include treatments according to the patients need. However, the most basic procedure is Advanced teeth whitening and straightening of the teeth also known as Invisalign. There are few other things which are part of smile makeovers such as porcelain veneers, gum lift or bonding or complete restoration of teeth. However, as we said earlier, smile makeover procedure will vary from patient to patient upon his/her requirement.

The smile makeover procedure works on the before and after model of your teeth. India Cosmetic Dental Clinic shows you photographic portfolios of actual treatment we have provided.

The Treatment Process

To achieve small makeover, you may have to visit us on few occasions in a span of a week.

Book in Your Appointment - You can contact India Cosmetic Dental Clinic Dental Care for appointment to meet our smile makeover expert. Our Team will first figure out the problems you are facing and will answer those questions.

Receive Your Smile Makeover Plan - After examining, the experts will give your routine or plan you need to follow in order to get a smile makeover. These personalized plans include do’s and dont’s of the treatment.

Creating Brand New Smile – After taking an appointment and following the smile makeover plan, our smile makeover expert brings their best to the table with the help of the advanced technology and with the vast experience they have, they achieve the desired result.

India Cosmetic Dental Clinic Dental Care is dedicated to the patient's treatment and giving them their right to smile whenever they want to without any hesitation. We offer low cost smile makeover treatment in Karol bagh, Delhi (India) at the most competitive price as compared to other smile makeover services in the city.

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