Stained Teeth

Are you uncomfortable with your stained teeth? Improve your smile with teeth whitening procedure


Yellow teeth are a problem or a cause of discomfort with many people. There could be various reasons for discoloration of teeth, the most common being ageing or excessive drinking of tea or other beverages. There are various methods of stain removal that is generally applied to patients.

Intrinsic teeth stain removal: Intrinsic stains refer to the dentin which is the layer that lies in between the enamel, this becomes yellowish or darker and the tooth colour fades. This might result due to the intake of tetracycline antibiotics or poor oral health that might have occurred during childhood. These types of stubborn intrinsic stains could be removed with the help of bonding or capping (crowning), a method similar to resin composite treatment. Crowning involves placing tooth caps on top of your chipped tooth thereby hiding the original colour of your tooth.

Extrinsic teeth stain removal: Extrinsic teeth stain refers to the external enamel (the hardcover that separates the nervous dentin and pulp) which comes directly in touch with food and other drinks that might cause the stain to the surface. This could be removed with a special type of toothpaste used to scrub and remove the stubborn stains caused by beverages.

Age-related stains: When a person ages, the dentin gets darker which is a natural procedure. If you are not satisfied with your teeth colour you may opt for bonding or crowning that will give an elevated whiter look to your teeth.

Teeth bleaching: When you want an instant dazzle to your teeth, then the dentist will help you put a chemical substance in the teeth braces and thereby giving it an extra shine.

The cost of teeth whitening: The cost of per tooth whitening is very affordable in Delhi, India. These costs are not generally covered by the insurance company.

The factors that one should avoid to have white shining teeth are:
• Avoid smoking
• Avoid coffee, tea or other beverages
• Avoid red wine
• Avoid soft drinks
• Avoid certain antibiotics that might harm the enamel.

A person desiring a teeth whitening treatment should deal with it maturely. He should have practical experience and knowledge about stain and discoloration problem in teeth and have a realistic expectation about the treatment procedure.

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