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Over the years, the world of orthodontics has undergone several innovations. With technology getting upgraded and new treatments coming into the limelight, people do not hesitate from visiting dentist every six months. Amidst a myriad of treatments available out there, Aligners is one such thing that has proved out to be highly beneficial for people. With Aligners on, it becomes easier for people with incorrect teeth alignment to get them correct. At India Cosmetic Dental Clinic, getting this procedure done is just a matter of time. But, before you decide to get aligners, if you are not aware of this treatment, let us know about it in details.

  • What Are Aligners?
  • The aligner is one such wearable thing that corrects the teeth contour by enhancing the malocclusion. This orthodontics treatment allows people with an abnormal teeth shape to wear aligners. Gradually, over the period of time, aligners move teeth to a correct position. However, one of the most important things that play a major role in this treatment's success is the way the patient is following instructions. With a series of clear, removable, and custom-made aligners, this treatment can straighten your teeth with time.

  • Advantages of Aligners:
  • • No awkward braces

    • Available in different types to suit your needs

    • Easy to wear and maintain

    • Perfect result

    • Affordable and effortless procedure to straighten teeth

    • Aesthetically appealing

  • How India Cosmetic Dental Clinic Does It?
  • Our highly trained and expert dentists have divided the procedure into four different phases. They use the following procedure:

    • Before beginning the actual treatment, our dentists will take an x-ray and an impression of your gums and teeth to diagnose and zero down on a precise treatment.

    • After that, a 3D representation is created out of a scanned impression of teeth. It helps them assess the current and desirable position.

    • Based on their judgment, they create a perfect set of aligners for every phase. Generally, you may have to wear these aligners for approximately 20 hours every day.

    • Gradually, the aligners move the shape of your teeth and bring them back to normal.

    • For every phase, there are different sets of aligners.

    Aligners are one of the easiest yet best treatment options for those looking for getting teeth straightened. However, this should also be considered that the procedure, as well as the duration, may vary from person to person. Also, there are certain precautions that you would have to take if you are going for aligners. For instance: you would have to remove the aligners while eating, flossing, or brushing. With periodic visits to the dentist, the situation of aligners should be monitored.

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