Teeth Contouring & Reshaping

Teeth Contouring and Reshaping


Odontoplasty is also known as teeth contouring and reshaping treatment. It is a cosmetic process. This is a method in which a small amount of tooth is removed to add a suitable shape and make that tooth fit with its neighbours. The tooth is removed in order to reshape, resize, change its position etc. It provides a pleasing appearance and balance in look of smile. Tooth contouring is done when there is a defect of uneven length, slight overlaps etc. There are several types of treatment such as bonding, enameloplasty, teeth whitening, orthodontics etc. There are many examples which include whitening used for discolored teeth, tooth reshaping which can be an alternative for braces, bonding which is the most common procedure, inlays and on lays used to treat the cracked teeth.

Tooth contouring and reshaping is very quick and a painless procedure. In the past, the filling of teeth was made of gold and other metals but now they are made of composite materials entirely free from mercury.

There is a continuous introduction of new materials and procedures time to time. It overalls improve the dental health. Teeth contouring and reshaping is done after an examination. It basically involves three steps.

Firstly the teeth problems are detected. Secondly, it involves the removal of enamel and lastly the polishing is done and mainly on the teeth which are visible to give a pleasing experience.

It helps in correcting several problems such as uneven length of teeth, crooked teeth, cracked teeth, bite problems and chipped tooth. Reshaping of teeth is performed using various instruments and techniques.

After a proper reshaping and contouring of teeth proper care should be taken. People must avoid biting their nails, opening stuff with their mouth, chewing pencils or pens etc. There must be a proper maintenance. People must brush their teeth twice a day and must avoid coffee, tea, wine etc. The process is less time consuming and one of the cheapest options. A person builds up more of self-confidence. Besides several advantages there are disadvantages too. There must be breakage. A person can face the same problems again if not resolved properly. The entire procedure is less time taking and takes about 30-60 minutes only. Depending upon the issue the procedure can take couple of hours too. Teeth reshaping and contouring can provide a good aesthetic appeal to a person and even improve his dental health.

Therefore proper care should be taken after the whole treatment.

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