Teeth Bonding

Apply dental bonding and get a complete new look


Are you suffering from cracked, yellow, chipped teeth that give you a dull look? Do you believe that a beautiful smile makes one's day? Then it's time that you ask your dentist to do a dental bonding and change your look thereby giving you a completely new makeover.

What is dental bonding?

It's a procedure that involves use of a tooth like white colored resin that provides your decayed, chipped and discolored teeth with a covering and is later adjusted to your teeth by the dentist. It is unlike veneers or amalgam filling the decays away by flushing or a bit of grinding. There is no need of an anesthesia unless it's used to fill decaying teeth.

The procedure of fixing a dental bondage: The dentist will etch the surface of your tooth till it roughens. Then he will apply a conditioning liquid that will help to adhere. After the bonding material hardens through using ultraviolet light or laser, the trimming process takes place. It generally takes 30 minutes to one hour to make the bondage ready. Within the first 48 hours, the patient should not use any type of beverage or cigarette so that the bondage could be stained.

Risks attached with the bondage of teeth: Since the bondage is not so strong like natural teeth, biting nails or chewing pencils can result in chipping off the material thereby giving a tattered look. The success and continuity of the process depends on how the process took place and the oral habit of a person.

Same Day Dental Bonding
Ceramic Dental Bonding
Composite Dental Bonding

How long does a dental bonding last?

If taken good care of, then the dental bonding can last for 10 years. The proper care of a dental bondage includes regular brushing and flossing of teeth, avoiding ice cubes, hard candy, sticky candy or other materials that can affect the bondage.

How much is the cost of bonding teeth?

The average cost of bonding single teeth is very affordable in Delhi, India. There are various dental insurance policies that include these costs. It's even possible to cover the natural gaps between the teeth by means of dental bonding. So, if you are suffering put of chipped teeth that mark a black spot in your personality, it time that you give your look a complete makeover by dental bonding.

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