Tooth Sensitivity


How saddening it can be for those suffering from painful experience while enjoying hot and cold drinks and food. This condition of experiencing pain and bleeding in gums while consuming hot and cold beverages is called TOOTH SENSITIVITY. TOOTH SENSITIVITY is referred to as HYPERSENSITIVITY OR ROOT SENSITIVITY in the dental world. The reason for the problem of sensitive teeth is the worn tooth enamel or exposed tooth roots. However, sometimes the discomfort experienced could be because of other factors, such as a cavity, a cracked or chipped tooth, a worn filling, or gum disease.


Since now when you know that you have sensitive teeth, you must make an appointment with a dental professional. If the problem faced is due to the cavity, restoration of the cavity can be done but if the cause is a gum disease dentist have to do a thorough cleaning of the area.

Beyond this dentist will recommend you to use a DESENSITIZING TOOTHPASTE as after several applications it helps block pain associated with sensitive teeth. FLUORIDE APPLICATION, your dentist may also apply fluoride on the sensitive areas of your teeth as it helps strengthen tooth enamel and reduce pain and can also recommend you to apply it at home. DESENSITIZING OR BONDING, in this the exposed root surface are treated by the application of bonding resin in the sensitive root areas and you may be given a local anaesthetic. SURGICAL GUM GRAFT, this process is similar to the process of regeneration of cells in the plants by the process called sinus lift bone grafting. Here if the gum tissue of your root gets lost, then the small amount of gum tissue is taken from some other part of your mouth and then attached to the affected area. By this the exposed roots gets protected and sensitivity gets reduced. ROOT CANAL, this treatment is considered the most successful technique for the treatment of tooth sensitivity. If you are experiencing severe toothache and other treatments are not successful then your dentist might recommend you a root canal. In this problem is treated in the tooth's soft core and seems like a significant treatment for sensitivity.

However, sensitive teeth never completely disappear. This is because until and unless the cause as of why the person's teeth become sensitive are not eliminated the sensitivity will come and go.

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