Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction


The tooth extraction which is also known as dental extraction or tooth pulling is the removal of the teeth from the socket in alveolar bone. Mostly the damaged or decayed tooth will be fixed by filling or crown and other treatments. But if the damage is too severe to be repaired, the dentist might ask you to go for tooth extraction.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction:

- Extra teeth which block new teeth or make mouth overcrowded.

- Delay in falling of baby teeth blocking new teeth

- While getting braces, few teeth may be removed to create space for moving teeth.

- For people who get radiations might need to remove teeth if they come in the field of radiation.

- When there is an infected tooth

- If teeth catch infection owing to organ transplant.

- Removal of teeth which get infected because of certain drugs.

- It is used to remove wisdom teeth causing trouble and pain

Procedure for Tooth Extraction:

The dentist will first take X-ray of the area to be treated and will decide the plan of treatment. The extractions are of two types:

• A simple extraction-

The procedure is done on the tooth which is visible in the mouth. The dentist first loosens the teeth in question for removal with the help of an instrument known as an elevator. After that, the dentist will use forceps for removal of the tooth.

• A surgical extraction-

The surgical procedure is a little complex one. It is used when the tooth to be removed has broken from gum line or if it has not erupted in the mouth. A small incision will be made in gums by the oral surgeon to remove the tooth.

The easiest extractions are done by simply using an injection of anaesthesia or in some cases by IV. Few doctors also prescribe antibiotics before as well as after the surgery.

Tips to minimize discomfort after extraction:-

- The patient can place ice packs on the face for reducing the swelling on the face. The packs can be placed in intervals of time.

- One should take soft and cool food items for initial days

- The patient should swish with salt water after 24 hours of surgery.

- One should not make use of a straw or smoke after the surgery.

Benefits of Tooth extraction:-

- One can protect the surrounding teeth from damage and infection caused by the affected teeth. The removal will restrict the infection from spreading.

- One can relax and get rid of discomfort from pain and trouble in eating or chewing.

- When other options to restore or repair the damaged teeth fail, one can take resort to tooth extraction.

- Extraction will make a clean place for new teeth and cosmetic dentistry.

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