Tooth Jewellery

Tooth Jewellery


In last few decades, an increase in popularity of body art is worth noticing in the fashion industry and general community. There is an inclination towards enhancing the appearance of the body as well smile. To beautify the smile people are taking resort to various cosmetic treatments available in dental clinics to strike a style statement and make a unique identity among the crowd. This beautification enhances the self-esteem and aesthetic appearance of the individual.

While there are many oral treatments to improve the appearance of a smile, these days there is an increasing trend of getting tooth jewellery. The tooth jewellery is for those who wish to have a dazzling smile. These jewelleries are painless and do not require any invasive procedures.

Types of tooth jewellery

Tooth gems:

The tooth gems are basically crystal glass which is mounted on foil made of aluminium which creates a very attractive spark. It is available in various colours.

Brilliance tooth jewellery:

The brilliance tooth jewellery can be found in 3 various colours namely sapphire blue, crystal clear and ruby red. They are found in 2 sizes of 1.8mm and 2.6mm.

Rainbow crystals:

The rainbow crystals are less expensive in comparison to the other forms of tooth jewellery. These crystals are used for short term and are available in 10 colours and different sizes.

Dental jewels:

The Dental gems are small glass crystals which twinkle and become noticeable instantly. These gems are available in different colours.


Twinkles are made of gold and precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires. These stones are available in various shapes like heart, drop, triangle, and round as well as star.

Procedure for getting Tooth Jewellery:-

- First of all, the tooth will be cleaned by a polishing paste which is fluoride-free.

- Then the tooth should be left to dry completely.

- Then the tooth will be etched with orthophosphoric acid (37%) for 20-30 seconds. This will increase the surface area which will be used for bonding.

- Then the surface will be rinsed with water and will be dried for 10 seconds.

- The next process is the application of bonding agent which will be left for 20 seconds.

- Then a small amount of the composite will be placed on the surface of the tooth.

- Then the jewel will be picked by a handler and placed in the centre of the composite.

- The jewel will take 20 seconds to set on the tooth.

- One should not touch the backside of jewel or else the adhesiveness of jewel will get affected.

- In total, the jewel will take 4 minutes to affix.

Removal of Jewel:-

When you feel that you want to remove the jewel from teeth, you need to plan a visit to the dentist and get them removed. One should never try to remove the jewel at home as it can badly harm your tooth.

Longevity of Tooth jewel:-

These jewels can last for a long time. However, few people need these jewels only for special celebrations or a specific event, and others may retain them for a lifetime.

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