Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Having a troubled wisdom tooth? Know how the removal might give you relief


Wisdom teeth are the third set of molar teeth which people get in their teens or might be earlier twenties. If aligned properly, they are an asset but if misaligned, it requires teeth removal. Moreover, it might cause pain while chewing foods or during the process of mastication. In case, it's giving problem, it is always better to uproot them.

Why is the wisdom tooth extraction essential?

Sometimes it happens that a wisdom tooth is a reason for pains and excessive blood loss while mastication; in this case extraction is the only solution and desirable.

There are various cases where extraction becomes mandatory:

When the jaw falls short for the wisdom tooth for any adjustments.

• If the wisdom tooth overgrows the gums, it causes a hollow structure thereby allowing food and other particles to settle inside which causes pain and the gum becomes painful, swollen and infected. These are the reasons why extraction becomes essential.

• More infection occurs when the tooth experiences infection, cyst or damage; then it's essential to remove.

• When the wisdom tooth overgrow another one and crows on the top then removal becomes essential.

How efficient is this procedure?

With the removal of the wisdom tooth, it becomes evident that crowding of the back tooth does not occur. If the wisdom tooth becomes stuck in the jaw and never breaks through the gums, then red swollen gum flaps the skin and becomes painful. When gum disease or tooth decay becomes clear and it becomes difficult to clean the other tooth, then removal of wisdom tooth becomes a must.

Risks attached to the surgery: You may notice pain and swelling in gum and tooth socket after extraction of a wisdom tooth. The bleeding might not stop in 24 hours. There might arise some difficulty with pain from opening the mouth. There might arise some damage to existing dental network, crowns or bridges. There could be rare side effects like numbness of mouth and lips. A fractured jaw might occur if the tooth is firmly attached to the bone. An opening in the sinus cavity might also occur with the removal of a wisdom tooth from the upper jaw. Sometimes, dental surgery facilitates bacteria to enter the bloodstreams which could be prevented by consuming antibiotics before or after the surgery.

The cost of removing a wisdom tooth: The average cost of removing a wisdom tooth is very affordable in Delhi, India. Generally, dental insurance does not cover the expenses incurred from this surgery.

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