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zoom teeth whitening

Enamel is a porcelain-like surface that safeguards our teeth from the effects of gnashing, chewing, and the acid attacks of sugar. With time, the layers of enamel start holding stains within their pores, thus, become visible and transparent. This transparency, in return, yellow coloured dentin. Despite the number of times you brush your teeth, stained or yellow teeth are becoming one of the most usual problems. To get rid of this problem, India Cosmetic Dental Clinic provides effective and cost-friendly zoom teeth whitening procedure. With a team of experts holding years of knowledge, this procedure can help you accrue white and shiny teeth. And then, you would not have to hide your smile ever again.

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Zoom teeth whitening is one of the most common and widely appreciated procedures that is competent enough to brighten your teeth and remove the discolouration instantly. Although the procedure is just an hour long; however, most of the times, pre-evaluation and teeth cleaning is advised by dentists. For those who are not comfortable sitting in one position for an hour at a stretch, they can also opt for a longer procedure. One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of this procedure is that it does not demand excessive money investment and does not cause any inconvenience to people.

Advantages of Zoom Teeth Whitening:

• Effective and harmless treatment
• Removes severe stain from teeth
• No side-effects
• Fast procedure with instant result
• Safe and latest technique to get whiter teeth

How India Cosmetic Dental Clinic Does It?

At our clinic, with a team of experienced and well-educated doctors, we intend to provide a superior and qualitative non-invasive procedure of zoom teeth whitening. Although it is painless dentistry; however, you may have a tingling experience or may feel the sensitivity of the gums or tooth. But, it is only a short-term effect that lasts a day or so.

Following are the steps taken by our professionals to conduct zoom teeth whitening procedure:

• Our dentist starts the procedure by cleaning the teeth from plague or tarter.
• A gel will be applied to the gums and lips to safeguard them from any discomfort, burns, or sensitivity.
• After this, zoom teeth whitening gel is applied to the teeth. This gel contains hydrogen peroxides. And then, teeth are exposed to a laser light.
• The zoom light helps and triggers the gel to pierce the tooth enamel. This results in removing stains and turns the teeth brighter and whiter.
• While the zoom light enters the dentin and enamel, teeth bleaching takes place. Throughout the procedure, this is repeated three times within the interval of 15 minutes.

And after this, you can be sure of whiter and beautiful teeth than ever.

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